Berlin Guided Tour 15.9.2008

given by Hilmar H. Werner for "Workshop BalticStudyNet"
on behalf of Humbold Tours Berlin

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And finally two remarks regarding

- the zarina ruling in the time of Frederic the Great:
you remember, someone said: Katherine the Great, and I said: no - but could not remember the name of the zarina in question. It was Elisabeth Petrowna: 1741 - 1761(jul.)/1762(greg.). Her death was the "miracle of the House of Brandenburg" (some say) that saved Frederics neck. After her came Peter III., an admirer of Frederic, husband of Katherine the Great, who died due to a conspiration by his wife angainst him (may be with her knowledge). Katherine the Great died 10 years after Frederic the Great in 1796;

- regarding Martin Bormann and his death:
there is a die-hard myth, that Borman fled to south-america... He died on the 2nd of march 1945 in Berlin near Central Station. His bones were found and his identity proven by DNA-tests beyond doubt.

When you are here next time, I hope you will have more challenging questions! ;-)